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Can Curiosity Change Your Life?

I believe that at any moment each one of us is on the verge. You may be on the verge of tears or of laughter, buying a house, changing jobs, retiring, adopting a pet; it could be almost anything. But for purposes of this post, I want to propose that—right at this very moment—you are on the verge of stepping into your own personal greatness. What is personal greatness? It’s different for each of us, so I would like to share a quick story about my own experience before we move on.

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I wrote a book, but what you don’t know is the back story. You see, when I pitched my original idea to a seasoned publisher, he listened intently before asking a question that set me back on my heels. “Why you, Christina? What’s your expertise?” My thoughts immediately spun out of control, because it felt as though he had punched me. People write books all the time. Not every one of them is an expert on their topic, are they? I didn’t want to write a novel. I wanted to write about my experiences because I wanted to save others from the mistakes I made along the way. It was important to me. For days after that conversation, I was completely distracted. “Why me?” played into every not-good-enough-worth-less thought I ever entertained.  His question paralyzed me.

The good news is, the following week, I met a woman who looked me square in the eye and asked, “Why NOT you?” It was as though a bolt of lightning blasted through the top of my head. I heard her. The very next day I began writing.

Now that you know my story, I […]

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The Best Place to Start is at the Beginning

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I opened Word, typed “story” into the thesaurus. The first synonym listed is “lie.” And then, of course, there are all the degrees of “lie” including fib, untruth, falsehood, whopper and more. Hmmm…interesting.

This morning I woke up thinking about the power of story which is what prompted me to open my laptop only minutes after putting my feet on the floor. If you’ve been following my blog with any regularity, you know my purpose is to help others release themselves from the bondage that stories can have on us.

Stories can be insidious—the effects of which cause the voice in the back of our heads that reminds us that we’re not good enough, not attractive enough, not smart enough to do the things we want to do, not deserving of the life we desire. The incredible thing is that a good portion of us are oblivious to the fact that the little voice is caused by the shadowy remnants of experiences from our past.

If you’ve read my story in, Let My Legacy Be Love, A Story of Discovery and Transformation: Tracing Adult Issues to Childhood Hurts, you know that I traced many of my stories back to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). And you would also already know that the same is true for so many of us—nearly 70% of the population according to researchers who conducted the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study).  And like me, most people are oblivious to the chains in which they have wrapped themselves. So often when I’m talking with a friend, family member, or co-worker, I am reminded of the Marley Brothers in A Christmas Carol jangling the chains they forged during their lives. Those stories can not […]

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Healing With The Help of Another

“Are you sure you’re being honest with yourself?” Carlene’s eyes were kind but intent. “It’s never made sense to me why you married Gabriel. You saw the red flags, right?”

After some thought, I answered honestly. “Sure, I did. But he was kind to me. I was sure he loved me.” She pressed. “Maybe you need to look a little deeper. There’s got to be something you’re not seeing.”

I think this is true of most of us. We’re so busy with our lives and responsibilities that we take only a cursory look at the things that hurt, bother, or infuriate us. Why? Well, generally I believe it’s because we become emotional in the moment, and when our emotions get involved, our brains aren’t asking questions. The result is that we don’t dig down to examine why we feel the way we do. And besides, it can be scary digging into those dark places. Or is it? Stick with me as I explain.

If you’ve been following my blog with any regularity or have read my book, Let My Legacy Be Love, A Story of Discovery and Transformation: Tracing Adult Issues to Childhood Hurts, you know that I uncovered the source of my adult challenges in incidents from my childhood. Up until then, I had been blind to the results of the insidious words, thoughts, and feelings that were holding me as an oblivious prisoner. I was ignorant of the fact that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) were the culprits for my bad body image, difficulties with close relationships, my mystery illness, and more. You also know that it wasn’t until my very close and […]

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