I will always remember the fall of 2011 as a turning point in my life. I was finally on the mend after being sick for over two years. I should have been ecstatic, but instead, my life seemed lackluster. My business was doing well, but my work was unfulfilling. I was dating a man who seemed to care for me, but he was noncommittal. I was existing, but I wasn’t thriving. Plus, I continued to feel there was some sort of change coming, but I had no idea how to make it happen.

One morning, as I was walking my dog, I stopped for a moment to search the sky. I remember looking around the wooded area before laying my palm flat against a tree, and from that spot, with the bark rough against my hand, I prayed. “God, I need your help. I feel so stuck.” I imagined the prayer going up the tree, out through the branches and into the universe. Later that same afternoon, Karen Carey, a woman I barely knew at the time, offered the answer to that prayer. Through our work together, I found that to change my life for the better, I first needed to change my thoughts. I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but I came to understand that by changing my negative thoughts positive, I was literally able to use my mind so that it would create new behavior patterns. From there, everything changed.

The change started with weekly assignments. For me, one of the most powerful exercises was something incredibly simple. I was tasked to write the words, “I LOVE MY LIFE,” on a 3” x 5” card. I resisted a bit because at the time I didn’t love my life. I was feeling unfulfilled, […]