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Finding Peace in Crazy Times

I don’t think that anyone reading this will disagree with the idea that these are crazy times. As I read articles and scroll through my social feeds, I am witnessing a filtering of sorts. Some people are numb with fear. Others are searching for a deeper meaning in events as they are transpiring. And some continue to feel the whole coronavirus pandemic idea is being overblown. It’s clear that each of us has our way of dealing with uncertainty, but I think the most important goal right now is to stay out of fear.

A few months ago, the phrase “no fear” popped into my head as I was driving.  My mind played with it as I drove, and by the time I got home, I realized that no fear is an acronym that tells us what we should do when we experience fear.  I recorded a six-minute video for those who prefer to receive their information that way, but I will synopsize for those who prefer to read. I apologize that this is not my best writing! Honestly, this concept is more natural to speak than to write.

No Fear

N = A new perspective. Perspective is a beautiful thing. A change happens when you are willing and open to seeing and understanding fear from a different viewpoint.

O = Opportunity. This downtime period presents us all with a moment to take a breath, help someone less fortunate, and pull together as a group to rise above a current situation. I know so many people who have been saying they wish they had more family time. Use the time as wisely as you are able.

F = Freedom. […]

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Breathe …

The other day as I was reading through my newsfeed, I realized I was holding my breath. I honestly believe I held it for nearly a record-breaking amount of time because when I finally took a breath, I gasped it in, and my heart was pounding hard in my chest. That moment got me thinking. You see, the previous day, I received an email from a friend of mine who is a doctor of lymphology in Atlanta. He suggested we could lessen the power of the word “corona” by spelling and thinking of the virus as “Kor-own-a.” I began doing just that because I know from experience the power that words can carry. But as I began to think about the word “corona,” I had an aha moment that I want to share with you. I’ll synopsize it here, but the video I’m attaching explains it more in-depth.

What I realized was that the name “corona” is our clue to how we should react to what is going on around us. The word itself speaks to courage! Let me explain.

A Determined Heart

Cor” is the Latin root of the word courage, which means heart. The original meaning was to speak one’s mind by telling all of one’s heart. Currently, it is most often associated with heroic or brave deeds. Let’s face it, right now, we need to live from a heart space and dig into our courage as the world goes crazy all around us. That’s the first piece of the clue.

The second piece is in “own.” Own means to admit to acknowledging feeling a certain way, such as I own the fact that I […]

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