The Breakthrough Squad

Breakthrough!  Reveal. Release. Reclaim. 

Christina Beauchemin and Jacky Vimislik have created what we believe is a one-of-a-kind experiential program where your participants will have the opportunity to discuss and identify the source of an unhealthy, recurring pattern they would like to overcome. (i.e. feeling stuck, not good enough, doormat, poor boundaries, to name a few). The program is comprised of three parts.

Reveal: Each of us has a story, and some of those stories can hold us as unwilling and even unknowing prisoners to past events and experiences. During the reveal, we will talk about “story”, and then walk you through the concept of “A Pearl.” Through an interactive session, you will have the opportunity to look at a recurring pattern in your life. As you begin to understand the root, you will prepare yourself for the release by choosing a word that describes what no longer serves you, and then writing it on a breakable item.

Release: In a safe and controlled environment, you will have the opportunity to break the chosen item. This is intended to be a physical expression of releasing your pattern, story, relationship, etc. You will be provided protective gear and your own cheering squad made up of your fellow participants before regathering to discuss your experience.

Reclaim: With release comes the opportunity to revision your life.  You will create a simple piece of artwork which includes potting a plant. The plant is intended to act as a reminder to nurture the new vision of your life.

All safety gear and workshop materials are provided. All you need do is show up with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to understand a new perspective.