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So often, we tell ourselves we’ll be happier when we have a better relationship, a better job, a nicer house, a recording contract, a book deal, etc. But the truth is that true happiness comes from within. As you feel happier, you build better relationships. With better relationships, everything else begins falling into place.

In this introductory course, you will receive tools intended for you to use every day. Many are simple while others will take some time to integrate into your life. As you go through the course, you will learn that happiness comes through awareness and that awareness becomes easiest through repetition. The key to success in becoming happier is a sincere desire to be happier.

How it works! For each day of the challenge, you will receive a downloadable affirmation intended to be a reminder of your daily challenge. You will also receive a daily guidebook. It will assist you in digging into the topic of the day. You will record your intentions in the morning. Then you’ll do your best each day. In the evening, you’ll make a note of your wins, gratitudes, and intentions for the next day. The daily videos will help you stay on track and gain clarification on anything you don’t understand. Plus, we are always available by emailing christina@LetMyLegacyBeLove.com.

Although we set the price of this course super low, please be assured the cost does not reflect the priceless value of the content.

We wish you success!



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