Let My Legacy Be Love, A Story Of Discovery And Transformation

A breakthrough story.

ISBN 978-1-9822-0289-7

In Let My Legacy Be Love, Christina Beauchemin shares her personal story as an example of what is possible when we look at our childhood experiences with curiosity, openness and a willingness to consider a different perspective. By digging in—and for the first time, taking a very honest look at the childhood events that shaped her adult life—Christina found her truth.

Each chapter of this candid, touching, sometimes funny and other times heart-rending collection of true stories is followed by a series of “discoveries” uncovered through looking at the story from a different, more mature perspective. The workbook included at the end of the book asks a series of thought-provoking questions that are intended to spark you on your path of self-discovery.

Let My Legacy Be Love is a one-of-a-kind journey toward understanding, forgiveness, and peace


Publisher’s Weekly book review excerpt: “By chronicling past difficulties and revealing ‘discoveries’ that came later, this impactful memoir will help any reader struggling with self-confidence.”



Top Shelf Books Review

Few books have the genuine potential to impact lives as powerfully as Christina Beauchemin’s superbly-written memoir, Let My Legacy Be Love: A Story of Discovery and Transformation. This award-worthy book clearly sets out to help people struggling with self-confidence and self-forgiveness, and it does so with poise and heartfelt musings. Highly recommended!


What Marci Shimoff, New York Times Best Selling Author of Happy For No Reason Said:

In Let My Legacy Be Love, Christina Beauchemin shares her journey to overcome hurtful childhood patterns and finally find a lasting love. The frankness of her writing is a testament to her passion for helping people transform their early life challenges so that they, too, can live happier lives.